CMC Club, model 1881

This bicycle from the Coventry Machinists Co. still has the straight handlebars and the rear hub with cone bearing. Serial number is not exactly clear, but I believe it is 25045. This makes it an early 1881 model.  

The bicycle looks complete and original, apart from the ugly spring. It has to be the more elaborate model, like this one. Nice detail is the original horn brake lever.

The most intriguing parts of the bicycle are the front bearings. I have not seen them before on CMC's. If you know more about these bearings and the years/models they were used:  please send me an e-mail.  
The cranks show the well known cotterless fixation that was used on the CMC Special Club

I do not have pictures of my own, this penny farthing has been for sale at Robert Sterba's shop in Czech. Click pictures for link.